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Key Differences Between Stickers and Decals – Which One to Choose?


By Implant Media December 18, 2023

Choose between Stickers and Decals

Looking for a creative and fun yet cost-effective way to promote your brand? Well, we have the perfect solution you need right now and that is sticker printing. It has two main types such as custom stickers and custom decals.

Sticker printing can be both fun, creative, and cost-effective. But if you’re skiing the difference between both, then you’re looking to buy the best. The only question is which one is suitable for you. Fret not; you have Istick to help you make the right decision and make your business thrive.

If you’re looking for a creative yet affordable way to promote your brand, then this blog is the one you’ve been searching for. We’ll give you a complete guide on which one to choose for your brand.

Difference Between Stickers & Decals- The Better Choice

Here’s a complete guide on how to make the right choice between custom stickers and custom decals:

Colors, Sizes and Shapes

Custom Stickers offer an extensive palette for creative expression as well as practical uses because they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Size variations suit various surfaces and functions while choosing colors evoke emotions and improve visibility. Different shapes provide designers the freedom to create unique shapes that satisfy both practical as well as aesthetic needs.

Decals come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, making them ideal for a wide range of purposes such as personalizing, labeling, and branding. Colors evoke emotions and improve visibility; different sizes fit on various surfaces. Various shapes combine to create unique designs, which makes vinyl decals an adaptable and powerful way to express ideas or information.

Materials Used

Different materials are used to create vinyl decals that are designed for specific purposes.

  • Paper is often used indoors
  • Polyester is used outdoors
  • Vinyl is frequently chosen for its resilience and durability.

Unique needs are satisfied by special materials like reflective or holographic films, which ensure that decals remain effective and of high quality in a variety of environments.

Stickers are made from various materials to suit a variety of purposes.

  • Paper is a common option for cost-effective indoor use.
  • Vinyl is a common choice for durability and weather resistance.
  • Polyester is a common option for outdoor applications.

Due to specialty materials, such as holographic films, which provide distinctive visual effects, stickers can be used on a variety of surfaces and for a variety of purposes.

Difference between Stickers and Decals


Stickers have a durability of around 8 years or more. It’s often used indoors because stickers are not designed to survive the harsh weather outside. Paper stickers have a lower lifespan as they tear and fade easily. It’s best for temporary usage.

Decals have high durability and can last up to 3 years even outdoors. It’s waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading or peeling. As it’s made of vinyl material it’s resistant to scratches, abrasions, and harsh chemicals.

Intended Use

Stickers are an expressive and communicative tool that enhances both digital and physical interactions. It’s mainly used for personalizing messages and expressing emotions in branding, and marketing as a creative form of expression to the real world.

Decals are designed to be applied to surfaces in a durable, semi-permanent manner for branding, customization, or information. Decals, which are often seen on products, cars, and gadgets, are a flexible tool for labeling products and promoting brands. They blend eye-catching design with lasting adherence.

Choose the Best Surface

The most suitable surface to use for stickers is chosen by their intended purpose. Adhesive-backed stickers work best on clean, smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, or metal because they have a strong adhesive support. Smooth and non-porous surfaces offer the best adherence for short-term applications, such as laptop decals, ensuring the sticker stays firmly in place.

Decals should be chosen with their intended purpose consideration when selecting a surface. Adhesive-backed decals stick well to clean, smooth surfaces like glass, metal, or plastic, ensuring robust adherence. Non-porous surfaces are ideal for temporary applications because they offer the best adhesion and maintain the design integrity of the decal.

In Short,

MaterialPaper, vinylHigh-Quality Vinyl
ApplicationSelf-adhesiveTransfer layer
DurabilityLow – mediumHigh
RemovaleasyVery challenging
CostlowModerate to high

The Bottom Line

Choose detachable stickers suitable for short-term decorative use on smooth surfaces. Use decals when durability, sturdiness, and adherence to a wide range of surfaces are crucial. Decals are perfect for outdoor applications, branding, and circumstances requiring a more long-term solution because of their stronger adhesive and thicker, weather-resistant substance.

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