Types of Stickers.

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Types of Stickers.

Cut all the shapes!

When it comes to sticker shapes we've got em all! - Squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, custom shapes... Almost any shape you can think of we can print into a sticker for you. We will even set up your sticker die-line for free!

Kiss Cutting / Die Cutting

All our printed stickers are produced by either die cutting or kiss cutting our sticker stocks through our flexo die cutter or our digital die cutter. Because we don't use pre-cut sticker sheets our printed stickers can have custom finishes, custom shapes, custom die lines, custom sizes, custom everything!

Sticker Printing - Full Colour

Printing stickers is what we are all about. By utilising the latest print technologies we can produce bright and beautiful stickers in vivid full colour on almost any stock. The prints are solid, sharp and hardwearing and can be laminated for extra durability. We even have the ability to have variable data so every sticker can be individually named numbered or customised!

Sticker Printing - Foiling

Our digital foil sticker printing is just straight up awesome! - With no need for blocks we can print gold, silver and white foil on as few as 10 stickers - and its real foil, not a metallic ink, so it looks super shiny. And just like our full-colour stickers, we can even foil variable data... Yay!

Single Cut Stickers

Single cut stickers are by far the most popular way that printed stickers are supplied. Your sticker shape is kiss-cut on to the pre-printed sticker stock of your choice and then cut down into easy to hand our squares.

Border Cut Stickers

Border cut stickers are produced when the edge of the artwork is followed to produce an edge that perfectly mirrors the kiss cut shape of the printed sticker. These printed stickers look great and just like with all the sticker shapes we can set up the edge line for free!

Border Less Stickers

Borderless stickers are much like the border cut stickers but, you guessed it, without the border. Your die line is followed perfectly to produce printed stickers that are exactly to the shape you supplied (or have us set it up for you).

Sticker Sheets

Depending on your need it can be best for your printed stickers to be supplied on flat sheets. We kiss cut the sheets with your dieline and layup as many (or even as few) printed stickers as possible on any stock you want.

Large Format Stickers

Bigger is sometime better - and when it comes to LARGE stickers we have you covered. A2, A1, A0 and beyond is no problem with our cutting edge latex wide format printers. With an endless range of Indoor and outdoor stocks, BIG sticker printing has never been easier.


Need decals? no problem! - We plot perfectly cut decals on a wide range of high-quality films to whatever specs you need. Available in both our standard and our wide format sticker ranges - it means producing huge widow graphics or teeny tiny decals are both possible at fantastic prices. Please note full range of films only available in wide format range with some on special order only.

Scratch / Water / UV Resistant

All our printed stickers are produced on a dry ink printing press which creates vivid full-colour images. This process results in a hard wearing image on all of our stocks, but we understand that sometimes you want something even more durable and long lasting. That's why our stocks can have a laminate applied to produce scratch, water (depending on the stock) and UV resistant stickers.