Window Decals Melbourne

Whether it’s a short term promotion or long term business signage,

istick’s large-format sticker and window decals will have you sending the right message.

custom window decals in australia

Class Leading Window Decals

istick’s window decals are the perfect way to display your business’s promotion, signage or message on your shopfront. We create vinyl decals out of high-performance computer cut film that is durable, hard-wearing, easy to install and available in a near-endless array of colours and finishes. We can mix and match colours and combine full-colour graphics to create window decals that are both beautiful and on message.

front window decals in australia

Front Facing Window Stickers

Want your window stickers on the inside of the glass and viewed from outside? – No problem! We can reverse print full-colour graphics on clear window stickers stock and white mount the background to produce front-facing window stickers are easy to read and safe from the elements and prying fingers.

personalised custom decals in melbourne

Weeded / Transfer Tape / Easy install Window Decals.

All our window decals in melbourne are supplied weeded (removal of excess sticker material) and with transfer tape over the front of the decal, which make installation simple.
1 – Remove the backing film, 2 -place the decal and then 3- peel the back off the transfer tape to install your decal. It’s easy, fast and means that anyone can install our decals so no need for professional installers – 1, 2, 3 and the decals are ready to go.

customised vinyl decals for cars

Inside mounted window Decals

Our high-performance decal films are the same colour on the adhesive side so decals can be installed on either side of the glass – is as simple letting us know so that we can cut them in reverse if need be. All this sounding a little confusing? – Call and speak to our expert staff about how we can help get the most out of your window stickers, vinyl decals & custom stickers in Australia.

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Stickers and Decals built to last

Our full-colour decals can be produced on 3, 5 and 8-year vinyl window stickers stocks, depending on use and budget. We utilise the latest latex print technology that produces hardwearing, durable prints that are both weather and scratch-resistant for up to 2 years.

Need it to last longer? – All our vinyl decal stocks have matching laminates so the prints can last as long as the stocks! For our coloured decals we only use the highest quality premium films that are easier to install, have sharper lines and can last up to 8 years outdoors. So your decals will last and last no matter what they go through.


What’s the difference between stickers and vinyl decals?

Difference between stickers & decals

The main difference between stickers and decals is the intended use. Decals are specifically made to apply to windows, walls and floors, whereas stickers are for more general uses. Decals are often made up of multiple shapes and are usually supplied with weeding tape that helps keep the different elements of the decal together when it’s being applied to a surface.

Do you need to see my artwork to quote on vinyl decals?

Artwork Quote on custom window decals

Vinyl decals can be made up of many different shapes, so you will need to supply your artwork so our sticker experts can quote you accurately.

What format do I supply my decal artwork in?

Different formats of custom window decals

Artwork should be supplied as print ready pdfs. The cut line in your pdf should be a vector line. If your decal is a single flat colour, you only need to supply the vector artwork that shows the edge of the decal (cut line).

For printed vinyl decals the pdf file should contain the full colour artwork with the cut line placed over the top. All printed elements should have 3mm bleed at every cut edge. Need help setting up your artwork or cut file? Speak to one of our in-house design team.

What’s the minimum order for window decals?

Minimum order to place window decals in Australia

There is no minimum order for window decals with us. You can order from 1 decal to hundreds of decals.

Is it easy to install my window decal?

Easy to install window decals

Window decals can be straight forward to install. In most cases decals are made with weeding tape attached to assist in installation. For very large window decals we can produce the decals in sections. For tricky installations we recommend hiring a professional installer.