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Different Types of Stocks Used for Custom Stickers & Labels


Brilliant White

Brilliant White is our everyday sticker stock, but there’s nothing everyday about it. Bright and glossy with a fantastic surface, every sticker you print will look awesome!


Uncoated White

If you’re looking for something without gloss with a more natural finish, look no further than our uncoated white. With its neutral matt like surface, stickers can be printed exactly how you want them is all too easy


Kraft Sticker Stock

Feeling a bit crafty? – Our Kraft sticker stock comes in a boxboard type finish and is great for printing stickers with a natural earthy feel.


Silver / Gold Stock (Matt)

Looking for a little bit of bling? We have a Gold and Silver printable sticker stock that produces amazing results. They can even be teamed up with our foil printing to produce gold on gold results!



Brighter than the sun, our range of fluro stickers really jump out. Our fluro sticker stock come in a range of colours so printing on Green / Orange / Yellow / Pink stock is all too easy!


Wine / Beer Stock

We have a specially designed stock that works great when printing short-run wine and beer labels. It has been specially developed to adhere to glass and withstand cold temperatures that are typical for beer and wine bottles
(or anything else found in the fridge).


White Removable

Not every printed sticker needs to leave a lasting impression. Our White removable sticker stock is great for non-permanent printed stickers that can be easily removed after they’ve been stuck down.

Vinyl stickers at reasonable price

Printable Vinyl Stock

Our Vinyl stock is thick and durable, great for products like printed bumper stickers. Its not as tough as the other Synthetic stocks in our range, but its thickness makes it a popular choice for a range of applications.


White - Synthetic

Our White Synthetic stock is tear proof and great for when you need a super printed vinyl stickers. Its Hi-Tac glue means it’s not going anywhere in a hurry and opens up its uses in permanent durable sticker applications.


Clear - Synthetic

Much like the white Synthetic, our clear variation is tough and tear proof. We can even add a white base onto it so you can have full colour printed stickers looking the way they should.


Freezer Grade

Do your printed stickers need to go on Frozen Goods? – Our Freezer Grade sticker printing stock is specially designed to work on goods stored at below 0c temperatures and even sticks onto already frozen goods.


Large Format Sticker Stocks

We love large sticker printing – and no one does it better than istick! – We have self-adhesive vinyl (SAV) for almost every application that can be printed, cut and laminated to almost any SIZE and format required. Some of our large format SAVs are mentioned below – but as always if you have a specific need let us know so our sticker experts can find the right solution for you.


SAV - 3 Year Large Format Sticker

Our 3 Year self adhesive vinyl is an extremely versatile cost effective film and is our everyday large format sticker printing stock. With enhanced printing performance crisp images are easily produce with fantastic adhesion to flat surfaces such as glass, steel, aluminium and melamine.


Colored Vinyl Stock - Cut Only (Decals)

We can cut your decals to any shape and size on our high-performance vinyl film. We have keep black and white films in stock but there are over 80 available in the range that can be sourced through a special order. The film is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications is resistant to water and aggressive environments and has 8-10 year outdoor durability rating.

Holographic stock

Holographic Vinyl

Our holographic sticker stock reflects and refracts light, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that adds a touch of magic to any surface. We recommend minimal black artwork to let the stock really shine!

scratch & water resistant sticker

Scratch / Water / UV Resistant

All our stickers are produced on a printing press utilising dry ink printing great vivid full-colour images. This process produces a hardwearing image on any of the stocks that we use but we understand that sometimes you want something even more durable and hard wearing. That’s why all the stocks that we offer can have a laminate affixed to it to produce scratch, water (depending on the stock) and UV resistant stickers.


What types of sticker stocks do you offer?

Types of sticker stocks we offer

We offer a wide variety of stocks: from everyday paper and vinyl stocks to uncoated paper, hard wearing synthetic, brown textured kraft, a range of fluorescent colours, and more, we have the right stock for every occasion. We also offer a range of durable outdoor vinyl stocks that are rated to last 3, 5 or 8 years.

What’s the best stock for outdoor stickers?

Best stock for outdoor stickers

For outdoor use we recommend our vinyl sticker stocks that are rated to last 3, 5 or 8 years. These vinyl stocks are printed with a UV cured latex ink for greater durability. We also have a hi-tac version that is great for low energy surfaces such as some plastics.

What sticker stock is best for my project?

Sticker stock for my project

If you’re unsure of what stock is best for your needs contact us and speak to one of our sticker experts. Once we know your requirements we can advise you on the best sticker stock to suit your needs.

Do you have a waterproof sticker stock?

Waterproof stick stock

We can produce stickers that are waterproof. We offer vinyl and synthetic stocks that are water resistant. For outdoor stickers we carry a range of vinyl stocks that are printed with a UV cured latex ink that makes the stickers durable in all kinds of weather conditions.

What’s the best sticker stock for bottles?

Sticker stock for bottles

Glass bottles often have paper stickers. We also carry a cold resistant paper sticker stock that is made to stay stuck at cold temperatures, perfect for wine bottles or jam jars. For more durability we also carry a synthetic sticker stock that can handle the cold and is also waterproof.