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custom sticker printing – what does “custom” mean?

By Implant Media May 19, 2019

Each sticker printing company has there own way of doing things, with different terms, machinery and systems for producing stickers, and istick is no different. A term that gets bounded around in the world of sticker printing is “custom”, but what does it actually mean – Isn’t every sticker that… Read More

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Vinyl Stickers – Is it the right choice for you?

By Implant Media March 31, 2019

Over the years at istick we have noticed something – Everyone asks for vinyl stickers. Now there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, our vinyl sticker are great quality and the stock prints fantastically but do most of these customers actually need vinyl stickers? – The answer is inevitability no. Read More

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Die-Cut Stickers

By Implant Media February 19, 2019

Die cut stickers are one of the most popular ways to have your stickers produced. But how are die-cut stickers made? – To understand this we really need to know what die-cutting is –  because as it relates to sticker it isn’t quite what you might think.  Die cutting is… Read More

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Branding and Stickers – A Perfect Team

By Implant Media February 15, 2019

Branding is very important for small businesses but sometimes limited budgets mean that it can be overlooked and completely ignored. Young and small business starting out can be looking for cheap and easy ways to help with branding and this is where stickers are a great tool.  To understand why… Read More

Photoshop Tutorial – Setting up Sticker Artwork

By Implant Media January 24, 2019

Photoshop tutorial – Learning the basics of setting up stickers for istick. Setting up your artwork correctly from the get go will help you achieve the best print results for your stickers. Its also good to know if you already for some artwork we will set up your die line… Read More

Sticker Printing in Australia Vs Overseas

By Implant Media December 12, 2018

When it comes to sticker printing, as with most services these days, people have the option of sourcing a local supplier in Australia or to go offshore and find a supplier overseas.  There may be a few reasons to choose the later but because of Australia proximity to Asia, the… Read More

Bumper stickers – What is the standard size?

By Implant Media November 27, 2018

The simple answer is there is no standard size for bumper stickers.  There’s isn’t even a standard stock that people chose time and time again for bumper stickers. At istick we say our bumper stickers are 144mm x 48mm – but this is more to maximise the number of… Read More

Gold Stickers – Which one is right for you?

By Implant Media November 12, 2018

When it comes to gold stickers we have a two options available – to print on gold stock or to print IN gold foil. Over the years it seems that the most common option is to print black on the gold sticker stock. This produces stickers that are mainly gold… Read More

Welcome to Implant Media

By Implant Media March 23, 2015

Implant was established in 1999 by 4 school friends with a passion for music, design and print.  By thinking differently than our competitors with a strong commitment to print quality, range and turnaround we quickly established ourselves as market leaders, not only in media duplication and replication but also in… Read More