Reasons to use Car Stickers in Australia
Reason to use car stickers in Australia for marketing your products

By Implant Media January 31, 2023

When it comes to advertising, you want to do something distinctive and draw clients to your establishment. One such advertising strategy that has significantly increased in popularity is car stickers. In essence, the fact that you can position your advertisement on any side of the car helps to increase its appeal.

Better Option between Decals and Stickers
Decals vs. Stickers, which one is better?

By Implant Media January 16, 2023

Many people who like to customise their vehicles are particularly fond of stickers and decals. Experts say that not all stickers are decals, and not all decals are stickers. Unlike a decorative sticker, a decal is often applied outdoors. They consist of three layers which is the decal, a transport…

Select Right Stickers for your Products
Guide to Select Right Sticker Labels for Your Products

By Implant Media December 23, 2022

Choosing the appropriate product stickers is essential for effective marketing. Sticker labels often are overlooked, but they are a vital part of branding, storytelling, and product identification. Consumers have no idea about the product’s composition, health benefits, components, flavours, etc., without the label. Based on crucial pieces of information, the printed information…

Window Stickers to Advertise Your Business
Benefits of Using Window Stickers to Advertise Your Business

By Implant Media December 15, 2022

Imagine walking down a market street on a cold winter afternoon and your eyes alight on a shop window with a graphic of a giant hot cup of coffee and a fresh croissant. You can catch glimpses of a warm café from the other side of the window. Wouldn’t you…

Steps to create Custom Stickers
How are Customised Stickers Made in Simple Steps?

By Implant Media November 28, 2022

It is an uphill task to come up with a solid marketing plan that will win the hearts and minds of your target market in today’s competitive business world. Even if making flyers, handouts, and other marketing materials is simple, consumers are accustomed to seeing them from several other companies.

Different Kinds of Stickers
The Optimum Guide for Different Kinds of Stickers

By Implant Media November 25, 2022

Printed stickers are one of the most popular means to market an idea or brand. They appeal to people of all ages and from varied areas of interest. You see them as labels on bottles, as giveaways at events, stuck on the car of an enthusiast, etc. This versatility combined…

Pantone Color Matching for Custom Stickers
Things You Need to Know About Pantone Color Matching for Custom Stickers

By Implant Media October 24, 2022

What if you see a Coke bottle where the logo color is a duller shade of red than the “Coke red”? Or you receive a Tiffany’s box which is of a different blue than they are known by? You would probably dismiss them as being fake. That is how important…

Advantages of Bumper Stickers
What are the advantages of Bumper Stickers?

By Implant Media October 21, 2022

Bumper stickers are exactly what they sound like, a label printed on adhesive paper meant to be pasted on the bumpers (back or front) of different automobiles. They’re also often found on other surfaces that people might want to use to make a statement. Many people use them to either…

Factors to consider for Designing Custom Labels
Essential factors to consider for designing custom labels

By Implant Media October 6, 2022

Unique custom labels have the power to grab customer attention spontaneously and speak for themselves. In building a brand, labels play a significant role in conveying the product’s importance to the target audience. So, before you start looking for custom label designers in Australia, let us understand about custom labels…

Custom Car Stickers and Decals
Best Ways to Illuminate Your Car with Custom Car Stickers and Decals

By Implant Media October 4, 2022

Stickers have always held a peculiar allure for us whether it was on our scrapbooks and room walls in our childhood, or our laptops and secret diaries. Over the years, we have found it an excellent means of expressing ourselves in different forms. And this does not change in adulthood!…