Creative Ways to Use Stickers
Creative Ways to Use Stickers in Your Daily Routine – Learn How?

By Implant Media February 23, 2024

Are you someone who has been hiding those fun creative stickers in the drawer for ages and still wondering where to put them? Well don’t worry, we have made a list of places for your awesome adhesives to brighten up your daily routine. Stickers are not only fun but also…

Custom Stickers Support Guerrilla Marketing
How Do Custom Stickers Support Guerrilla Marketing and Street-Level Promotion?

By Implant Media February 9, 2024

Stickers are enjoyable across all age groups. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like custom stickers or is not a fan of guerrilla marketing? The creativity, the colors they have used, and especially the message they convey. What if we told you that custom stickers play a vital role…

Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Stickers – A Comprehensive Guide

By Implant Media January 22, 2024

Even though there are many types of stickers out there, the major battle is always between die cut vs kiss cut stickers. At times both might look the same with no major differences but there’s a high chance that you can choose the wrong type of sticker with is not…

Elevate Your Home Decor with the Best Wall Stickers in Australia

By Implant Media January 4, 2024

When modifying your living environment, wall stickers have emerged as a fashionable and cost-effective option for Australian homes. These flexible wall decor pieces may instantly bring a sense of personality and character to any environment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of wall stickers and show you how…

Creativity with Holographic Stickers
Unleash Creativity with Holographic Stickers for a Personalized Touch

By Implant Media December 27, 2023

We are in a world where customization and uniqueness dominate us because everyone loves personalized products but finding ways to make your creations stand out has never been more important. Printable sticky holographic vinyl is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys decorating ordinary products, is a small business owner,…

Choose between Stickers and Decals
Key Differences Between Stickers and Decals – Which One to Choose?

By Implant Media December 18, 2023

Looking for a creative and fun yet cost-effective way to promote your brand? Well, we have the perfect solution you need right now and that is sticker printing. It has two main types such as custom stickers and custom decals. Sticker printing can be both fun, creative, and cost-effective. But…

Innovative Ways to Use Window Decals for Your Business
Creative Ways to Use Window Decals for Your Business

By Implant Media December 7, 2023

Is your brand struggling for visibility and promotion? Also, are you running out of ideas to promote your brand? Fret not; Istick has got you because we know visibility is crucial when trying to promote your company. Window decals are an innovative and successful technique to draw attention to your…

Enhancing Branding and Personalization using Custom Vinyl Stickers
Custom Vinyl Stickers – Enhancing Branding and Personalization

By Implant Media November 29, 2023

The size of your business doesn’t matter but the way you choose your branding and promotion says everything about your business. There are plenty of different ways to stand out from the crowd but the main cost-effective approach is by creating and designing custom vinyl decals. We, Istick will tell…

Benefits of Using Custom Labels for Products
Top Benefits of Using Custom Labels for Your Products

By Implant Media November 21, 2023

Looking to enhance the visibility of your company and leave a lasting impact on your customers? Custom labels are required to achieve this goal! In today’s competitive company environment, standing out is critical, and investing in high-quality personalised labels is an effective method to do so. Below, we have outlined…

Reasons to Choose Istick for Sticker Printing
Why Istick is The Ultimate Sticker Printing Partner For Your Business?

By Implant Media November 10, 2023

Istick is a printing company in Australia that offers sticker printing services. Printing stickers with us is simple, fast and cost-effective. Plus we offer a wide range of customization options with different sizes, shapes, colors, and fonts. You can print any type of sticker with us because we use the…