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Sticker Printing in Australia Vs Overseas

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By Implant Media December 12, 2018

Sticker Printing in Australia

Navigating Sticker Printing: Australia vs. Overseas

When it comes to sticker printing, as with most services these days, people have the option of sourcing a local supplier in Australia or to go offshore and find a supplier overseas.  There may be a few reasons to choose the later but because of Australia proximity to Asia, the usual reason is the price.

The quality from offshore compared to Australia can vary from extremely good to downright unusable so when going for this option is recommended to go through a reputable supplier such as istick that can manage the process for you and will have relationships with suppliers so that there can be some assurances for quality.

Australian suppliers are the more desirable choice most of the time as they will allow for faster turnaround time and for more basic stickers can usually be competitive on the price (its really when you get into more complicated embellishing such as foils and embossings that the Asia market can usually be really competitive on price).

At istick at our heart, we are trying to create the best value highest quality personalised stickers possible. We understand that our internal processes and equipment don’t lend themselves to every type of sticker and so by using a mix of suppliers, local and offshore, and finishing houses we have because become Australia’s favourite place to get your stickers made. istick, stickers made easy.