Vinyl Stickers – Is it the right choice for you?

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By Implant Media March 31, 2019

Over the years at istick we have noticed something – Everyone asks for vinyl stickers. Now there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, our vinyl sticker are great quality and the stock prints fantastically but do most of these customers actually need vinyl stickers? – The answer is inevitability no. “Vinyl Stickers” has almost become the default for stickers, so even when paper or clear or even a particular type of synthetic sticker would suite more, people often say “vinyl” as they may not know what is on offer.  It doesn’t help that some sticker manufacture only produce vinyl stickers. But istick is here to help.  With a large and varied range of sticker stocks, we have the right solution no matter what you application.  Having the right sticker for the job not only means that your stickers will last long and be fit for purpose but it may also save you money as some sticker stocks are more cost-effective than others.  More info on the range can be found here  but with a team of experts just a phone call away we recommend that you contact us so we can help you find the right product for the right application and you may never need to order vinyl stickers again.