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custom sticker printing – what does “custom” mean?


By Implant Media May 19, 2019

Sticker Printing in Australia

Each sticker printing company has there own way of doing things, with different terms, machinery and systems for producing stickers, and istick is no different. A term that gets bounded around in the world of sticker printing is “custom”, but what does it actually mean – Isn’t every sticker that is different from each other “custom stickers”? – While that is true at istick, we used the term “custom” to mean any sticker with a “custom” die line. So at istick the size, stock and artwork doesn’t affect what we classify as “custom” only its shape dictates this when this term is relevant. This matter as custom stickers are more expensive than our standard, circle, square, triangle, oval and rectangle printed stickers – so whenever possible it is best to use our quote tool to see if you sticker falls into one of our standard sizes or contact our sales team to get expert advice on the best and most cost-effective way to print your custom stickers & and standard stickers.

At istick, every sticker printing company operates with its unique methods and systems. The term “custom” often arises, but its meaning can be perplexing. Aren’t all distinct stickers “custom”? At istick, we define “custom” stickers as those with a unique die line. The shape, not size, stock, or artwork, determines their classification. This is vital as custom stickers are pricier than our standard shapes. Optimize costs by using our quote tool for standard sizes or consult our sales team for efficient custom and standard sticker printing advice.