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Brand Your Small Business Effortlessly with Officeworks Sticker Printing

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By Implant Media April 6, 2023

Brand Your Business with Officeworks Sticker Printing

In today’s rapid digital age, being unique is important. If you have a small home-based company but you feel it is not getting the attention it deserves, there are many things you can do to make it more prominent. One of the best and most effective ways is to use an office sticker printing option which allows you to add a promotional message within a range of formats and shapes, high dimension lamination and with excellent colour accuracy.

Your business is unique. Your branding should be too

You’ve worked hard to build a brand that represents your company’s values and mission—a brand that is recognizable, memorable, and instantly identifiable. You’ve got a great logo, some awesome stationery products, maybe even a few printed t-shirts and hats to hand out to loyal customers. But when it comes to getting your name out there in the world, you’re still left with one big issue: how do you get people’s attention?

With Officeworks sticker printing services, you can solve all those issues instantly and get your message across in style.

With Officeworks custom stickers, you’ll be able to brand every aspect of your company’s presence with ease and precision. From stickers for your laptop or phone case to promotional materials for trade shows or events and everything in between you can leverage custom sticker printing service to make sure everyone knows who you are and what you stand for!

Here is a comprehensive guide to promote your small business with Officeworks sticker printing.

Location is the Key

Begin by considering the type of space you have and how many people will see it.
Consider placing stickers on your desk, computer, or laptop if you own a small business and want to promote your brand. You can also stick them on any office appliances or equipment. You can put them on water bottles, staplers, or tape dispensers.

On your front door: This is an obvious choice for businesses with an office space. A custom sticker on the front door will let potential customers know they’ve arrived at the right place.

In the office: Custom stickers are a great way to decorate offices that aren’t too big or too small. They can be hung on walls and doors or used as signage above cubicles or desks.

Decide the Dimensions

Consider the size and shape you require. There are many different sizes and shapes of custom stickers, so make sure that the shape is right for your needs. For instance, if you’re going to use them as promotional items at trade shows or conferences, then the shape of the sticker should be small enough to fit on a brochure or flyer without getting in the way of other information on those pieces. Depending on your requirements, consider whether the sticker prints need to be round or square or any other shape.

Officeworks sticker printing for business

Choose the Material that Fits!

Choose the right sticker material such as paper, vinyl and fabric. Vinyl is durable, but it’s also expensive. Paper stickers are cheaper than vinyl, but they’re more fragile and less durable. Fabric stickers are an option if you want something soft and flexible, like a business card or bookmark.

If your business is IT or computer related, then it’s best to use vinyl stickers that can be placed on laptops and other electronic devices. If you run a coffee shop or bakery, then consider using paper stickers that can be placed on baked goods or cups for sale.

Select a design that speaks for itself

Zero-in on the design that reflects your brand and message. If you have a unique logo or mascot, select an image that captures its spirit. For example, if your business sells apparel with a penguin mascot named Pawsie, consider using him as part of your sticker design (as long as he fits within your budget). Otherwise, select a design that visually conveys what your company does while still reflecting your brand identity in some way, such as by incorporating colours or fonts from your logo into the design itself.

Make people remember you through your tagline

A tagline is a short, memorable phrase that describes what you do. It can be used to help people remember your business, but it can also be used as a marketing tool.

You may have heard of some of the best-known companies in the world with their own taglines, such as Nike’s “Just Do It” and Apple’s “Think Different.” These lines have become so popular they are often referenced by people who aren’t even aware of their origin from these brands.

The most effective taglines are simple and direct. They are intended for anyone who hears or sees them to remember and understand them. Your tagline should also reflect your brand identity, so make sure it is consistent with the rest of your branding efforts.

Wrapping up

The process of converting a random feeling into a strong and consistent brand identity is not a small piece of cake. It requires an innate sense to define one’s own individuality through product branding. Sticker printing companies make this possible for businesses that are looking forward to come up with their own enterprise identity through customised sticker printing at affordable prices.

If you want people to notice your brand, promote your business or simply make a statement, our office works sticker printing services is the best in Australia. We create high-quality decals that are durable and vibrant for any application. Choose from thousands of stock art images or send us yours for a custom design that stands out.

Our custom stickers are designed to be attention-grabbing, eye-catching, and will help you attract potential customers.

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