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Decals vs. Stickers, which one is better?

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By Implant Media January 16, 2023

Better Option between Decals and Stickers

Many people who like to customise their vehicles are particularly fond of stickers and decals. Experts say that not all stickers are decals, and not all decals are stickers. Unlike a decorative sticker, a decal is often applied outdoors. They consist of three layers which is the decal, a transport paper on the back, and mounting film on the front. They are used from one surface to another. However, these products differ from one another. Additionally, employing vinyl decals can give the good and enhancing look. In recent days, custom vinyl stickers are preferred by more people because of their versatile nature. Here is the difference between decals and stickers:

Decal Explained

Decals are beautiful stickers designed for outdoor use. They are more durable than a typical sticker. An outdoor-use decal is a particular kind of decorative sticker. The transfer paper, the backing paper, and the decal are the three components that make up these stickers. The transfer paper must first be firmly applied to the surface and carefully peeled off to reveal the decal. Vinyl decals often have a permanent adhesive and are made of vinyl, which gives them exceptional durability. Outdoor decals can last for three to five years.

Stickers Explained

Stickers are plastic pieces with designs on the front and an adhesive on the reverse. They are held together by backing paper. Stickers can be placed in almost any place when you remove the backing paper, exposing the adhesive. Custom stickers are used for various objects, including water bottles, laptops, phone cases, and car bumpers.

Stickers are typically screen printed or digitally printed on inexpensive vinyl or polyester materials and are frequently made in large quantities at a low cost.

Depending on their shape, sticker printing are typically computer-cut, die-cut, thermal die-cut, or flat-cut. Rarely a clear coat or UV protection layer is added to reduce production costs.

Difference between Decals and Stickers

Decals and Stickers

Here are the differences between the stickers and decals:

Color and Imagery

Vinyl decals are monochromatic because they are made by cutting and molding vinyl from a single roll. Vinyl decals could be produced in various colors, but manufacturing is not simple. Before assembling the complete image, each component is cut from multiple vinyl rolls. Decals require more time and materials, so they are more expensive.

Sticker printing or wide-format digital printing can be used to create stickers. Rectangles, squares, circles, and ovals are just a few of the forms that can be carved out of them. Due to the usage of high-resolution printers, custom vinyl stickers frequently display more vibrant colors and graphics than decals. Manufactures produce vinyl stickers by printing directly onto vinyl covered with a powerful, moisture-resistant adhesive. Clear, multicoloured vinyl stickers with elaborate designs can be created using the best printers.


Depending on the conditions, outdoor decals typically last up to three years, sometimes longer. When you have the plan for the outside decoration choose the best decals.
For indoor use, stickers can last for up to 8 years. Since most stickers are not made to withstand outdoor conditions, their lifespan decreases when used on outdoor products.

Usage Purpose

Many characteristics of stickers and decals are similar, but the purpose for which they are used differs significantly. Stickers are typically used for artwork and logos. Mostly, sticker printing can be used for mobile case printing which gives a unique look. Decals are used for floors, windows, walls, automobiles and for decoration purposes.

Size and quantity

Stickers tend to be more cost effective to purchase in quantity because of their smaller size. Businesses can purchase customised vinyl stickers with their logo on them to give to their workers and employees.

Due to their smaller size, decals are typically easier to purchase in smaller numbers. A business might order custom vinyl decals for its physical store and vehicle stickers for its company vehicles.

Surface application

With a clean, lint-free cloth, glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol, you may easily apply custom stickers to a calm, debris-free surface. The air bubbles seen under vinyl stickers can considerably increase if they are in hot or direct sunshine. Depending on the conditions and upkeep, outdoor vinyl decals last between three and five years.

You only need to take the liner off the front of the decal to attach it. Use a squeegee or plastic card to remove bubbles after lightly rubbing it down over the surface of your choice to guarantee adhesion. The transfer tape from the decal can then be carefully peeled off. Depending on how many colors are included, you could need additional time to install your custom vinyl decals.

Summing Up

Considering the above points, Istick is a reputable one-stop shop for all types of stickers and decals. We provide printed bumper stickers, custom stickers, and custom vinyl decals by using the most recent tools and technology.

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