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Which Type of Sticker is Best Suited for Your Business?


By Implant Media April 27, 2022


Custom vinyl stickers are a cost-effective and versatile way to promote your brand. You might have noticed different kinds of stickers on cars, storefront windows, doors, walls, signboards, trade, expos, and many more, and their purpose is to attract eyeballs.

Are you wondering what kind of custom sticker will suit your business needs? Try our various types of vinyl stickers with diverse stocks if you organize an event or business to stand out in a crowd. You can affix anywhere to attract busy customers to buy your products or services.

Suppose you are a freelancer or a startup looking for a fun way to recognize your brand? Hand out various types of decals or free stickers at a wedding or a birthday party. You can use custom stickers on every product, including name tags, pens, books, bottles, packaging labels, envelope sealers, bumper stickers, and USBs.

Istick is a sticker printing company in Melbourne that produces high-quality, robust, long-lasting different kinds of stickers at low costs. Custom stickers are easy to peel off and stick on smooth surfaces to send your brand’s message. Let’s look at the different sticker types that suites your business.

Various Types of Stickers and Their Functionalities

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Try our custom vinyl stickers if you are looking for a prominent brand building that is durable and robust. Our vinyl stickers are perfect for outdoor and indoor use, coated with a high UV gloss for a shine that eventually attracts eyeballs.

We print the Australia’s best custom vinyl stickers with the latest print technologies to produce beautiful and vivid colors on almost any stock. We cut into any shapes you can think of with various stock materials and set up your custom sticker die-line for free.

Kiss-cut or Die-cut Stickers

All printed custom stickers are produced by kiss cutting or die-cutting. Our vinyl stocks go through our digital die cutter or flexo die cutter. We have a wide range of unique shapes in our die galleries, or we can create your desired shapes with chosen stock material.

Transform a plain sticker into a fun and memorable branding opportunity with creative die-cutting that sticker lovers will proudly display on their phone cases, refrigerators, laptops, cameras, notebooks, storefronts, and many more.

Doomed Stickers

Doomed stickers are created in any size and shape for hundreds of different applications and ensure there are no blunt edges in your custom design. Doomed stickers are always custom orders. Contact our friendly team to get suggestion suites for your business needs.

Stand out in an event or an occasion with our attractive domed stickers. It comes with UV-resistant, hardwearing, and a flexible epoxy resin is applied on the surface of our five-year vinyl stickers to create clear, tactile, and 3D domed stickers.


Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are applied on vehicles with a message to convey to many people about your brand. Bumper stickers are scratch, water, and UV resistant and printed in full color to convey your message or promote a service.

Istick produces custom stickers in Australia, including bumper stickers designed to any size, shape, or color suited to your bike, car, or truck. Just peel it off, apply it on the smooth surface, and let the audience read it.

Roll Stickers

Take your promotional marketing to the next level with roll stickers available in several sizes and shapes, including squares, rectangles, ovals, and many more. Our roll stickers are affordable, printed in various stocks, and then rolled onto standard core.

You can choose any quantity that suits your business event or marketing promotions. Roll stickers are helpful for envelope sealers, return address labels, shipping labels, product labels, and more to match your business setup.

Sheet Stickers

Try our diverse types of vinyl stickers sheets to print multiple stickers with your desired shapes and designs in one convenient sheet. You can also choose types of decals to kiss-cut the sheets and lay up different personalized stickers on any stock per your requirements.

Sticker sheets are printed with high gloss or semi-gloss with UV coating; it’s easy to print and affix on any smooth surface suitable for address labels, gift labels, envelope sealers, and many more.

Logo Stickers

Suppose you are printing custom stickers for business purposes. In that case, we have many types of sticker printing techniques to create attractive and eye-catching stickers to make a long-lasting impression of your brand in customers’ minds with logo sticker printing. We can create the most complex cut patterns and internal cuts on vinyl stocks with border or borderless per your business needs.

Choose our wide range of templates and upload your artwork. We can customize your logo, and we will email you proof with the die-line for approval. These logo stickers are durable, can be a handout to customers as giveaways, or can be stuck on promotional products to create an impact.

These are the few different types of sticker printing suitable to promote your business. iStick is a sticker printing manufacturer in Melbourne; our experts produce creative custom stickers of all shapes, sizes, colors, stocks, and fonts with a quick turnaround.

Share or upload your artwork, and our friendly team will contact you to deliver top-notch custom vinyl stickers that match your business requirements. We deliver your custom stickers all around Australia within time.

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