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Wall Stickers vs. Wallpapers: Which is the Better Option for Your Home?

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By Implant Media June 2, 2023

Choosing Between Wall Stickers vs Wallpapers

Are you confused between choosing wall stickers or wallpapers and wondering what is the surrounding fuss around this debate? Or are you worried about which option – wall stickers for wallpapers to go with, as you are unaware of its long-term benefits?

One needs to consider aesthetics, permanence, and cost, among other factors, before deciding. Hence, it is worth knowing what the fuss is about, isn’t it? If you are nodding your head, then enjoy.

This blog entirely covers all the deciding factors one needs to consider before opting between wallpapers or wall stickers for your home.

Factors that help in deciding: Wall Stickers or Wallpapers?

Features of Wall Stickers vs Wallpapers


  1. Wall Damage:

    Having the freedom to peel off or remove the wallpaper or wall sticker for your home or anywhere is something every customer is concerned about. And hence, when it comes to opting between the options, the major concern of any customer is the wall damage after removing them.

    Wall Stickers: cause almost no damage to none during their removal from the wall. As they are designed with removable adhesive, when done as per the instructions, leave no damage on the walls.

    Wallpaper: Compared to wall stickers, the adhesive used is relatively stronger and tends to cause wall or surface damage during its removal. It might also require external agents, be it steam or chemicals to remove the wallpapers. This might lead to further damage to the paint or surface structure of the wall.

  2. Installation:

    Whether it is about the amount of time one spends during the installation or the complexity of the project, people like to know what they are getting themselves into, before choosing either of the below options.

    Wall Stickers: Extremely easy to install. They come with an easy peel-off back and you can just stick it to a clean surface. Didn’t get it right the first time? You could even reposition the stickers before the final application. Once you completely apply the wall stickers, clearing out the bubbles, if any, gives you a smooth wall surface.

    Wallpaper: The application of wallpaper is not as simple as wall stickers. It involves an elaborate and complex procedure. The entire process includes preparation of the wall by not just cleaning, but also priming it.

    Then you need proper measurements of the wall to align your wallpapers. You will have to then apply the adhesive and place the wallpapers carefully to smoothen it out on the walls. Some projects even require the assistance of professionals!

  3. Flexibility:

    The other common requirement is the possibility of customizing the wall as and when they want with ease.

    Wall Stickers: From a small surface to as huge as walls, furniture, or any smooth surface on windows, one can use wall stickers. The easy application and repositioning that wall stickers allow offer great ease along with flexibility in their usage.

    Wallpaper: With the complexity involved with their installation, to their removal, it makes wallpapers semi-permanent! The removal might even involve the replacement of panels or sections wholly, at times. This makes wallpapers the least flexible.

  4. Longevity:

    A few look for durability when choosing between the two options. More than looking for customizations. Finding the right option for you, based on your needs is the key here.

    Wall Stickers: High-quality wall stickers offer greater durability. But its longevity also depends on factors, including how well they are maintained and whether they are exposed to extreme temperatures.

    Wallpaper: Wallpapers have long durability and may last for years. Even they need to be maintained and depend on factors, including the quality of adhesive used, the surface it is stuck on, and other conditions of the room.

    With the advantage of its durability, comes one disadvantage that they could last longer than any trend. So, if you are someone to whom current trends are important, then this option is not for you.

  5. Cost-effectiveness:

    The other most common pain point of any customer is sticking to the budget and not letting your pockets get affected.

    Wall Stickers: When it comes to cost-effectiveness, wall stickers are the clear winner. You can opt for wall stickers from various price ranges. The range depends on the quality, extent of design complexity, size, and customizations, among other factors.

    Wallpaper: Compared to wall stickers, wallpapers are on the expensive side of the spectrum. Having to purchase wallpaper rolls and adhesives separately also adds to the cost. Sometimes, the requirement for professional help in setting up and installation of wallpaper can also increase the overall cost, along with the upfront cost.

  6. Aesthetics:

    Be it the right pattern or design style, your wall should reflect and align with the theme of your decor.

    Wall Stickers: You get from 3D wall stickers that go brilliantly in children’s rooms or are used to create quirky looks, to different styles and sizes of wall stickers. All of which offer great aesthetics in your decor. The customization can also produce intricate designs that help add uniqueness and create a style statement.

    Wallpaper: They come in various materials, using which you can create various finishes. Be it in fabric, grasscloth, or vinyl, you can add depth and texture to your space and create immersive designs and classy aesthetics visually.

  7. Versatility:

    On which surface do you want to use the wall stickers or wallpapers? Can you create a unique theme with them, by using them on the wall and also on any other surfaces? It is the versatility of the wall stickers and wallpapers that comes into the picture here.

    Wall Stickers: As mentioned above, wall stickers also come in 3D and can be used on multiple surfaces, including appliances, walls, furniture, windows, and for other decorative layouts. With higher freedom in providing customizations, wall stickers are significantly versatile.

    Wallpaper: Here, in this case, wallpapers don’t fall short when it comes to versatility. They provide an enhanced ambiance with the different finishes available. You can get subtle to bold, patterns to different styles and textures as well. Although, it is a hassle if you want to redecorate your interiors.

  8. Maintenance:

    The effort one has to put to maintain the wall stickers or wallpapers is also something one should consider before making the decision. As it is somewhat of a long-term decision, when you go for either of the options, knowing how easy or complicated it is to maintain them becomes crucial.

    Wall Stickers: Cleaning of wall stickers is relatively easier compared to wallpapers. A piece of soft cloth, slightly damp, will take care of the job. Even once the stickers are removed, as the adhesive does not leave any marks, cleaning after the removal is also easy and leaves no marks on the wall.

    Wallpaper: The cleaning of wallpapers, post-installation is similar to wall stickers. Although, cleaning after its removal is where it becomes complicated. It might require chemicals to remove the adhesive or even steam. All of which might damage the surface of the wall and may lead to replacing sections of it altogether.

Overall, when it comes to deciding which is better – Wall stickers or Wallpapers, it usually comes down to what is the purpose of your project. Is it long-term or short-term?

Wall stickers are great for short-term projects. With the easy maintenance it offers, it is not difficult to use wall stickers for even considerably long-term projects. You have the freedom to remove and re-install a new wall sticker easily, with zero hassle of wall damage. It is a stress-free process as no complicated procedures are involved.

If you truly want to go for the long-term, then wallpaper should be your go-to option. Although, keep in mind that it involves a complicated installment and removal process. The removal might actually leave behind considerable wall paint or structure damage.

If you still cannot decide, as you don’t want to go through the damage wallpapers might inflict on your walls, but, you are also sure of not wanting wall stickers! Then don’t worry. Here is a bonus suggestion for you.

Yes, in addition to wall stickers, and wallpapers, there is one more option that usually gets considered. The bonus mentioned, apart from the other two, is Wall Decals.

They are similar in a lot of ways when compared to wall stickers. Stronger than wall stickers, with slightly better adhesives, but not as strong as wallpapers to cause damage to your walls, wall decals act as a nice in-between.

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