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Steps to create Custom Stickers
How are Customised Stickers Made in Simple Steps?

By Implant Media November 28, 2022

It is an uphill task to come up with a solid marketing plan that will win the hearts and minds of your target market in today’s competitive business world. Even if making flyers, handouts, and other marketing materials is simple, consumers are accustomed to seeing them from several other companies.

Different Kinds of Stickers
The Optimum Guide for Different Kinds of Stickers

By Implant Media November 25, 2022

Printed stickers are one of the most popular means to market an idea or brand. They appeal to people of all ages and from varied areas of interest. You see them as labels on bottles, as giveaways at events, stuck on the car of an enthusiast, etc. This versatility combined…

Pantone Color Matching for Custom Stickers
Things You Need to Know About Pantone Color Matching for Custom Stickers

By Implant Media October 24, 2022

What if you see a Coke bottle where the logo color is a duller shade of red than the “Coke red”? Or you receive a Tiffany’s box which is of a different blue than they are known by? You would probably dismiss them as being fake. That is how important…

Advantages of Bumper Stickers
What are the advantages of Bumper Stickers?

By Implant Media October 21, 2022

Bumper stickers are exactly what they sound like, a label printed on adhesive paper meant to be pasted on the bumpers (back or front) of different automobiles. They’re also often found on other surfaces that people might want to use to make a statement. Many people use them to either…

Factors to consider for Designing Custom Labels
Essential factors to consider for designing custom labels

By Implant Media October 6, 2022

Unique custom labels have the power to grab customer attention spontaneously and speak for themselves. In building a brand, labels play a significant role in conveying the product’s importance to the target audience. So, before you start looking for custom label designers in Australia, let us understand about custom labels…

Custom Car Stickers and Decals
Best Ways to Illuminate Your Car with Custom Car Stickers and Decals

By Implant Media October 4, 2022

Stickers have always held a peculiar allure for us whether it was on our scrapbooks and room walls in our childhood, or our laptops and secret diaries. Over the years, we have found it an excellent means of expressing ourselves in different forms. And this does not change in adulthood!…

Benefits of using Window Decals for your Business
The benefits for using Window Decals for your business in Australia

By Implant Media September 1, 2022

With tens and hundreds of businesses on the street, visibility of your business is paramount. Whether it is brand awareness or product awareness, customers need to know the significance of your products. While it is possible to get a few eyeballs through paid ads and sponsored posts on the internet,…

best options for printing stickers & labels
Looking for Label and Sticker Printing? Here are the best printing options

By Implant Media July 13, 2022

Labels and Stickers are a great way to increase your brand visibility and a good way to promote your business. They can also be used as a marketing strategy to make a business stand out from the rest. Whether you run a restaurant or a retail store, you need to…

Vinyl Sticker Printing Cost
Factors Affecting the Cost of Printing Custom Stickers

By Implant Media June 24, 2022

If you are a large business or an entrepreneur, custom stickers have always been popular as a promotional tool for advertising. Business individuals don’t realize that the world of custom vinyl stickers is vast, with countless stock materials, various sizes and shapes, and adhesive options that affect the vinyl sticker…

Custom Stickers Australia
Top 8 Reasons to Use Custom Stickers for Packaging

By Implant Media June 23, 2022

In today’s competitive world, it might be tough to choose the best marketing strategy to captivate the minds and hearts of your target audience. Brochures, pamphlets, and other promotional materials are the usual medium of marketing used by various firms. If your organization is to shine distinctive, one crucial aspect…